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Hi there! I’m a systems admin currently working for a health care company in sunny Florida! I won’t bore you with how long I’ve been working with computers but just to give you an ideal my first was a TI-99/4A!

After the TI/99 4A I graduated to the Commodore 64, then the 128, then the Amiga 500, then the Amiga 1000 and finally an Amiga 2000 before the clones took hold. The IBM XT clone of course was running MSDOS 3 and before long with better hardware came Windows for Workgroups 3.1 (before there was a Windows NT), Linux with FreeBSD and of course I can not forget IBM’s OS/2. From those humble beginnings I created a local BBS and then a national Internet Service Provider prior to the tech bubble burst!

As of late (7 years or so) I’ve been working primarily in the virtual space with VMware starting with v2.5 in fact the first thing I did was an upgrade from ESX 2.5 to 3.0. I’ve had my Microsoft MCSE since NT4, my VCP since 3.x and just updated it VCP-DCV6, added the new VCP-NV, finished my CCNA cloud and now I’m working on my AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

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