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Hi there! I’m a systems admin currently working for a health care company in sunny Florida! I won’t bore you with how long I’ve been working with computers but just to give you an ideal my first was a TI-99/4A!

From those humble beginnings I created a local BBS and then a national Internet Service Provider. Started on the Microsoft with MSDOS 5 and Windows 3.51 (before there was a Windows NT), Linux with FreeBSD and of course I can not forget IBM’s OS/2.

As of late (7 years or so) I’ve been working primarily in the virtual space with VMware starting with v2.5 in fact the first thing I did was an upgrade from ESX 2.5 to 3.0. I’ve had my Microsoft MCSE since NT4, my VCP since 3.x and just updated it VCP-DCV6, added the new VCP-NV, finished my CCNA cloud and now I’m working on my AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

If you want more details check out my LinkedIn page @ –


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